Second Sole Online


At Second Sole, we believe in supporting every runner and walker that comes through our doors. Running is an individual activity yet has a close-knit and generous community, and it is this idea that helped found Second Sole. Owner Steve Hixson sought to create a place where runners could receive the products and recommendations they needed to improve their performance and enhance their runs.

Beginning as a tiny shop in 1981, it has since grown to include eight different locations that all offer runners and walkers a customized experience and the best products. All of our stores offer a gait analysis along with an injury history consultation that allow our staff to understand what type of shoes or insoles would work best for each person, regardless of their fitness level, goals, and needs.

At Second Sole, it is our goal to provide every customer with an individual experience tailored to their needs. All of our staff is highly trained on our products and are equipped with the knowledge to provide customers with the shoes and accessories that will best enhance their run, walk, or everyday life. 

Our stores are all modeled around our slogan: "Shoes, Apparel, Advice". While we strive to provide customers with the best products in the run specialty market, we also base a lot of our customer care around the advice aspect. Whether you need new running shoes, are searching for the nutrition to get you through your next long run, or just need to consult another runner, Second Sole is here to help.